Getting to know you

I’ve had the song “Getting to know you” from The King and I in my head all week. I actually sang it as I strung these slips of paper along the window in the church office.

photo 2Sing it with me: Getting to know you/Getting to know all about you…/Getting to feel free and easy/When I am with you/Getting to know what to say

This getting to know you process is an interesting one between a congregation and pastor, especially in an urban setting where we are spread out geographically (and theologically!).

This blog, of course, is an attempt to help this getting to know you process along. Another project has been reading the worries, hopes, celebrations, fears, dreams and visions that many of you wrote on these colorful slips of paper pictured here.

photoI have taken my time reading these. And I will continue to take my time reading them because it provides an interesting window into Rainbow’s personality. Speaking of personality, Frank Ward, former pastor of Rainbow Mennonite Church, told me that congregations change personalities every 5-10 years. He said that in a couple months he would be eager to hear me describe Rainbow Version 2013.

photo 1It’s too early to say anything definitive, and I hope the same is true about your opinion of me! Getting to know one another and building trust and rapport will take time.

For now, I will take a summary of comments to the Deacons. I’ve also selected a handful to use during staff meetings. In other words, these hopes, fears and dreams are not for my contemplation alone! I hope to find ways to reflect back to the congregation what was written.

For now, I’ll share one of many gems:

girl pastor

This is my celebration: “I think it should be a celebration because a girl pastor will be different.”

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