Little ones to God belong

We will dedicate two children at Rainbow this Sunday, October 27. This is an occasion for us to stand with Jesus and say to our children: You are precious. You are welcome. You are beloved by God.

I  look forward to these dedication rituals, even if I never know if, during the ritual, a child will be asleep, pass gas, yank my microphone off my face (thanks Brett Gaeddert!), pull my hair or earrings, cry or coo. It’s all beautiful if you ask me, assuming I’m not the one passing gas!

photo (6)Jesse and I don’t have children of our own. Still, we have managed to collect many toys (even if half of them are used presently by our cats) and children’s books. I have also perused the Rainbow library. What a great children’s section!

As I prepare for Sunday, I came across these three gems related to being a pastor, children and church. Enjoy!

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