Extending the table with Arlie and Sue

photo copy 2For the past two months, a small group of Rainbow folks have gathered to sing hymns at Freedom Pointe. This is the current residence for Arlie Regier (pictured here on the far left, together with his wife Sue, next to him).

photo copyThe group changes every week, as do the hymns the group chooses to sing. Today we enjoyed singing some Advent and Christmas carols. We were even called a heavenly chorus by a Freedom Pointe staff person!

traveling communion kitWhile we were there today I served Arlie and Sue communion. Last time I did this, we talked about the leaves on the communion table extending 10 miles to Freedom Pointe. Thank God for large tables, where there is room for All. (Pictured here is my traveling communion kit.)

Arlie and Sue said the songs we sing stay with them all week, or at least until Wednesday! Then, Arlie asked how he could repay us and Mitch Kaufman didn’t skip a beat and said, “keep letting us come.”  Clearly  everyone is enjoying this Sunday afternoon ritual.

I don’t know if Arlie will see this blog post. Still, I feel led to express gratitude for both Arlie and Sue, two remarkable people. My visits with them always leave me feeling grateful that our paths have crossed. We certainly miss their physical presence with us on Sunday mornings, and yet, as we often sing on Sunday afternoons, we are still bound together or as the hymn goes, “Bles’d be the tie that binds us in Christian love.”

As we continue the Advent season, and as we light this beautiful Advent sculpture that Arlie and his son built, let us join in saying prayers of thanks for Arlie and Sue. Photos courtesy of Jan Buerge.

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