A day in the life of staff at Rainbow

We had a delightful staff Christmas lunch this week. We also had some fun with the camera (thanks Phil Rhoades!) I thought I’d share the JOY that is our staff by posting these photos, as well as a friendly quiz.

First, meet the staff hard at work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Second, here is the quiz:

I asked each staff member to tell me something about them that others probably don’t know. Here is what each of them said. Can you guess who said or who has done what? Five questions. Five different answers.


1. Has gone sky diving

2. Has won a game show

3. Has a family member who dated Brad Pitt

4. Has won multiple pool tournaments

5. Has watched Sound of Music in Basel, Switzerland

Answers will be provided at a later date. And there may be a prize if people get it right, so let us know what you think.

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