When Rainbow was on Rainbow

VerlinThanks to this fine man, Verlin Bartel, Jesse and I had the privilege of touring the church building where Rainbow Mennonite first got its start. It’s on Rainbow Boulevard (go figure), next to Taco Bell, across from KU Medical Center. It’s now some kind of beauty products warehouse. (The three of us were hoping we could get our hair done there…or was that just me?) The people who worked there seemed delighted to meet “real Mennonites,” and happily took us through the building. Here are a bunch of photos from our day. (Click to enlarge.)

If you have memories of worshiping in this building, please share these stories and memories with me. It’s a beautiful building, and it has received much tender love and care over the years.

Bonus information: Rainbow Boulevard was named in honor of the 42nd Rainbow Division of WWI!

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