Loving and praying for the Earth Day

Yesterday Ashton Wells, Aaron Barnhart, and I loved us some earth. We hummed (slightly off-pitch?) some songs and emptied our church prayer bowl into the Good Earth, into God’s Good Keeping. As Beatrix Amstutz said, “What a great gift to the earth, almost like natural “miracle grow”. 

I also received this beautiful note from Terri Gaeddert, one of the co-leaders of WorshipArts:

During WorshipArts we talked a bit about the prayer bowl and the plan for adding them to the garden. I invited them to add their prayers to the bowl – led to some discussion about what prayers say (I used the “help, thanks, wow” approach to keep it simple) and some discussion about what “anonymous” means and then I collected the prayers, added them to the bowl and watered them on their behalf.

And so we begin again. The prayer bowl stands ready for our new/old prayers.

photo(3) copyAnd the pitcher we used on Sunday, which is the first thing I see every morning when I walk into my office, stands to remind me of new life, hope, and the fruits of our praying together.

photo(3) copy 2

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