Thomas and Timothy

My dad, Keith Harder, and I tried our first-ever dialogue sermon on Sunday, April 27.  You can listen to it here:

Timothy Harder

Timothy Harder

In this dialogue we talked about doubting Thomas, the one disciple who wished for a little more evidence that Jesus really was raised from the dead. Timothy, while also a character in the Bible, refers here to my brother who died at age 13. My dad and I talked a little bit about Timothy in the context of talking about doubt, hope, death and resurrection.

Here is the picture of my oldest brother Scott and my older sister Katherine standing in front of the tree we planted in memory of Tim. I think you can probably tell which one I am. This tree has since grown to be 15-20 feet.

My first church family was Fellowship of Hope in Elkhart, IN.

My first church family was Fellowship of Hope in Elkhart, IN.

This makes me feel grateful that we have our own memory garden here at Rainbow.


The last thing I’ll share is an article my dad wrote about Tim called A Father’s Day reflection. It appeared in The Mennonite on June 6, 2006.   Article

We were grateful for this chance to share on Sunday.

Are there other dialogue topics that I/we should consider for the future?

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