Am I doing this right?

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right thing or doing something in the right way? Of course! We ALL carry around our share of self-doubt, concern, ethical quandaries, vexing questions, as well as a desire, even if buried, to do the right thing. As the great Gillian Welch song goes, even if you “want to do right but not right now,” the desire is still there for most of us.


Am I/Are we doing this right? will be a guiding question at Rainbow this summer. Hannah Unruh a soon-to-be senior in high school first sparked this idea. It went something like this: In my first month at Rainbow Hannah told me she wanted to preach. “Sure, why not?” I told her. A few months later she approached me after worship with big eyes to tell me that she had her sermon title: “Am I doing this right?” A week later the worship committee saw my eyes get big as we wondered if this question might become our summer-long worship focus. Again with the “sure, why not?”

And so…I began recruiting some people to share about times faith or lack of faith has prompted the question, “Am I/are we doing this right?” 

We don’t have the entire summer worship schedule figured out but many people have already agreed to reflect on this question in the form of preaching and/or reflection. Perhaps you, too, have something you would want to share?! If so, please let me know.

This Sunday we’ll consider a topic that I hear many, many people wondering about: Prayer. Then on the 29th we’ll hear our Mennonite Voluntary Service team ask questions about what it means to serve and then on July 6 Leroy Seat will reflect on the tough topic of how we as followers of Jesus might think about patriotism and citizenship.

I’ll end with this gem of a prayer. I found it one day when I was a hospital chaplain. Simple and yet profound.



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