Mary, Martha, Ben, Angela, Fabian and Sophie

These are people we’ll hear more about on Sunday morning at Rainbow. That’s because our Mennonite Voluntary Service unit consisting of Ben, Angela, Fabian and Sophie, will be sharing about their MVS experience in Kansas City. The names Mary and Martha refer to Jesus’ friends in the Bible (Luke 10:38-42). We will be referring to that story on Sunday as the Vs’ers reflect on the question, “Are we serving right?”


Our Kansas City Vs’ers

Rainbow has a long history of supporting and recruiting volunteers. Some day it would be neat to compile that very long list. Our current volunteers live in a house owned by the church. This house used to be the Methodist parsonage (where the pastor and pastor’s family lived).

vshouseAll four of our current VS’ers work as volunteers at local non-profit organizations. They do not get paid per se. What they do get is $50 a month for personal things, $95 each for food, which they put together each month, and $10 a month for Education/Recreation. They share household chores, at least in theory. I imagine each MVS household has a resident Mary and Martha! Each volunteer has a Rainbow host(s) and they are supported by the MVS Support Board: Eric Jantzen, Carrie Parsons, Tanya Ortman, Clyde Corriel, Joe Duerksen, and Elaine Bartel.  Here’s a little more info about each of them:

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