Bright Clothes Sunday October 12

IMG_0318We have two senses left in our Sensing God worship series: Sight (October 12)  and Smell (October 19).  A couple of things in the works for the 12th include: the purchase of a variety of colorful mums, a litany giving thanks for color, and the hope that some will arrive to church with bright color clothing. Notice that I didn’t say this was Clash or Crazy Clothes Sunday. We simply wanted to invite people to express themselves through color. This is optional of course and no, this isn’t some crazy idea of mine. Apparently, Bright Clothes Sunday has been a long-standing tradition at Rainbow.

Maybe this year more of us will wear bright blue clothing to celebrate the success of the Royals!

To further celebrate bright colors, check out what I’ve done with the colorful prayers that were gifted to me on my first Sunday at Rainbow about one year ago,

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