Royal members one of another

One of my Facebook friends recently posted the following comment about the Royals:

The way they play and trust each other, and believe they’re going to succeed is flat out inspiring. It’s been athletic and spiritual transcendence played out in spectacular moments, over innings, games, days, and weeks. It defies logic or explanation, and I’m enjoying every second of it.

Like many of my friends, I am enjoying the collective and focused attention on the Royals. It has reminded me again of the power and energy that comes with a community discovering what and who they care about. My hope is that Rainbow continues to be a place where this collective, focused attention can be found and celebrated. Sure, we might not be as spectacular and fun to watch as the Royals, but I would hope that when people look at us they would see the way we trust each other and God. In other words, the love we show one another makes us royal. As the pastor at Rainbow I get a front row seat as I watch people do things that are quite spectacular in their own way. I see people giving of their time and resources in ways that defy logic or easy explanation. I treasure this, every second of it. And so as we prepare to gather for worship on Sunday I encourage you to read Romans 12:1-18 as you look at this highlight reel of the royal team we call Rainbow Mennonite Church.

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2 Responses to Royal members one of another

  1. Charles & Diana says:

    That is a beautiful blog.

    —mama dd

  2. pip1943 says:

    Our Royals have only a 7-game series to prove themselves, but our series is not a matter of winners or losers, it’s a journey, not a destination . . . We need more moments together like this: — something for Maggie and Ralph and Laurel and Freddy . . . to come back for! We miss all our absent members and friends.

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