Christmas time is near!

Last night over 100 people gathered for the annual Rainbow Christmas program. It was a feast of color, light, sound and song.

I don’t have a video clip or photos to share yet from last night. I do have this clip from the service last year. It features Elaine Bartel who gave so much to Rainbow, especially the young. As Marsha Rhoads (also featured in this video) highlighted, this is vintage Elaine: knelt down, at eye level with the children, agile, friendly and focused.

Elaine’s memorial service will be held at Rainbow on January 3 at 2 pm. I trust that too will be a feast of sorts: Tears, hugs, the sound of love expressed.


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1 Response to Christmas time is near!

  1. Very touching tribute in Elaine’s honor and in recognition of the approximately 50 years of service she gave to us, from her heart, in many areas in addition to her dedication to Christian Education!

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