Epiphany has flown by!

I began January/Epiphany with the story of Jesus’ baptism on my mind. How, I wondered, would I describe this dramatic story of the heavens opening and a spirit descending on Jesus like a dove to children? That’s when the idea of a peace crane came to mind. I decided that during the next five Sundays (the season after Epiphany) I would place a peace crane somewhere at the front of the sanctuary. The weeks have flown by (pun intended), and the crane has made the rounds. (It was actually kidnapped one week. You WILL be brought to justice.) I have enjoyed watching people look for the crane, or to quote the very witty Christian Buller, I have enjoyed watching people “crane their necks.”

I wonder where it will be THIS Sunday?

Actually, this week the crane might be hard(er) to find. That is because there will be about 1,000 cranes on the chancel this Sunday! These cranes, which many of you have helped make, will soon take flight and find a new home at the Peace Monument in Hiroshima Japan.  More about this project will be shared on Sunday.

IMG_1737And just for fun, look at these dollar bill cranes that Alison Bush made! I trust that they eventually found their way to the Rainbow offering plate 🙂

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2 Responses to Epiphany has flown by!

  1. Nancy Grittman says:

    Enjoyed reading your article. This is one of the most special stories I learned to share as a storyteller. I got to know author Eleanor Coerr when I worked at The Lion and the Lamb Peace Arts Center which has all of the original illustrations.

  2. Leroy Seat says:

    Great article (as usual).

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