An Easter Teaser

A couple hours after I came up with this blog title, I went shopping for a new Boggle game and was wigged out when I saw these exact letters staring back at me on the packaged game on the store shelf. Don’t believe me? Just ask my trustworthy witness/husband. Hmmm….that’s what happened in the resurrection accounts isn’t it? The men didn’t believe the women. Good thing my husband believes me…at least this time.

Holy Week has its own beautifully strange vocabulary, stories, and rituals. We started Sunday by saying hosanna, which means “God save us.” Other words that we will hear this week include: maundy (command), crucifixion, atonement, last supper, upper room, and resurrection. During Easter worship this coming Sunday we will hear, sing, and say alleluia (Greek) or hallelujah (Hebrew).

In terms of rituals, here are some of the many things going on at Rainbow this week:

Wednesday, April 1: The final Lenten Taizé service of prayer, silence and singing will be held from 5:45-6:30  in the Sanctuary. Come join us!

Thursday, April 2: Maundy Thursday communion and supper (soup) gathering from 6:30-8 pm in Fellowship Hall. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend. Click here to see the program we have planned. Maundy Thursday

We want to make sure there is enough soup so please RSVP here.

Friday, April 3:

foodkitchen1) Willa Gill Food Kitchen 10:30am-1:00pm. If you are available and interested in helping serve food, please contact Rachel Hostetler at

bball2) Basketball clinic at the church from 5-6 pm. So far there are more adults signed up to help than kids signed up to participate. This is for kids/youth of all ages and abilities. Game on!

eastereggs3) Easter egg boiling (1:00 pm) and egg coloring (6:30 pm). A fun activity for all ages. Note that a Jr High lock-in will occur in conjunction with this event. Come for the egg coloring, stay for the fun times afterwards!

Saturday, April 4 Easter egg hunt at 10:300 am. Don’t miss out on the 30th annual Easter Egg Hunt in Whitmore Playground.  Check out this slideshow from last year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sunday, April 5 we will gather to sing and say alleluias assuming we have the energy left!

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2 Responses to An Easter Teaser

  1. John Bush says:

    Good to see you and June last night

  2. Leroy Seat says:

    June and play a game of Boggle almost every day, so I am accustomed to looking for words. When I saw the picture, the first word I saw was “reset.” Maybe that is a good word for Easter also!

    (And with those letters you can also spell “seat”!)

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