Step in, try not to step on, step out

There was a lot of talk on Sunday about feet, walking, shoes, and yes, even toes.

Click the link below to watch the delightfully choreographed song number involving shoes. Thank you Mike Peters for creating it and thank you Phil Rhoads for capturing it on video. It is “one for the ages!”

It turns out there’s a lot more to say about this very important subject of feet.

For starters, did you know that after worship Liliana Mwagura took some of her first wobbly steps? I watched her (and her mother) smile with delight as a circle of children around Liliana cheered her on. “Isn’t this special?” one of the kids said. Yes, yes indeed.

And did you know that every time I look at this stained glass window portrayal of Jesus, I become more and more convinced that he was a dancer? One can hope anyway. (I have tried to take a picture of this Jesus kicking a soccer ball but it just doesn’t work…I’m telling you, he makes a better dancer than soccer player.)

dancing JesusSpeaking of dancing, someone once described the dance of leadership as learning to step in and out, without stepping on. I only hope we can all keeping learn these leadership dance moves.

Here are just two more thoughts to try on for size:

1) When I was a beginning pastor at LaSalle Street Church in Chicago, I expressed fear that I could never fill the shoes of my predecessor. “That’s not the point,” one person said. “Instead why don’t you focus on filling your own shoes?” Maybe the point isn’t to learn to walk in other people’s shoes. Maybe the point is to learn to walk in our own shoes comfortably so that we can encourage others to do the same.

2) My husband is always bragging about his feet. We have an ongoing debate about who has better feet. Who wants to cast their vote? We all know how Jon Stewart would vote!


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2 Responses to Step in, try not to step on, step out

  1. Diana Graber says:

    Jesse’s feet are just very big and weird looking.

    Ruth’s feet are sturdy and sweet, but when she’s been playing too much basketball, they develop tons of blisters and such on the bottoms.

    I think it’s a toss-up.

    Love, Mama

  2. Ruth, you always provide food for thought! Along with a few laughs! Thanks

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