Rosi Penner Kaufman tells me that the first email she has between us that mentions the word “Whoosh” is dated Nov. 7, 2013. Something  happened during worship planning that seemed more than coincidental and one of us said something like, “Sometimes the Spirit moves,”  and the other said “Whoosh.” We started closing our emails to one another with the word “Whoosh,” or “May the Whoosh be with you,” or “Still waiting for the Whoosh.

whooshIt only seemed natural for Rosi to have her very own WHOOSH mug. I gifted her with this mug during our WorshipArts celebration last Sunday. This was a thank you gift for her work as project director of a $12,000 WorshipArts grant that we received from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. There are many other people worthy of receiving a Whoosh mug including Terri Gaeddert, our co-WorshipArts leader. They would both testify to the power and importance of the Whoosh, especially this past year at Rainbow. Here they are holding a paper crane after a LONG day of setting up WorshipArts displays.

FullSizeRenderFor those who have never heard of WorshipArts, it is a Sunday morning opportunity for K-5th graders at Rainbow. This group meets during a short window of time between the closing hymn of worship and Sunday school (anywhere between 10-20 minutes). Terri has articulated the four goals of WorshipArts as follows: 1) Fostering relationship/sense of belonging; 2) Facilitating authentic participation; 3) Encouraging reflection and response; 4) Integrating what we learn from the children’s perspectives into the broader context.

The following video further describes what it is we do and hope for in WorshipArts. It was created by the brilliant and creative minds at Flint Hills Design. I get a feeling of Whoosh every time I watch it. I hope you have a feeling of Whoosh too.

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