The character(s) of a congregation

What could have been an awkward moment this past Sunday turned into laughter and fun. Tara Lindahl came forward to lead the time with children, but unfortunately no children came with her. She and Ashton Wells handled the situation like pros and before long we were all smiling and laughing. There’s something sweet about hearing a congregation laugh together on a hot July morning.  Here we are smiling and acting strange.

image4We are a bunch of characters aren’t we? Even Dr. Jantz couldn’t help but jump up when he heard, “It’s time to take a picture.”

There was a lot of talk on Sunday about images, pictures, snapshots, and congregational character. And so it seemed fitting to share these caricatures created by my husband during the congregational meeting this past Sunday. Can you guess who these characters are?

I often see Jesse drawing during my sermon and I always wonder what he’s hearing/drawing.

In case you weren’t one of the characters at Rainbow on Sunday, you can click below to read my sermon. And feel free to send me your drawings, impressions, or questions!

Keeping it strange

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