Cross-Lines, underwear, and Linda Graham

This coming Sunday at Rainbow we will have a chance to learn about and give to an organization called Cross-Lines. For the over 50 years Cross-Lines has existed, Rainbow has sought to support their mission which is “to provide people affected by poverty with basic services and opportunities that encourage self-confidence and self-sufficiency.”

In addition to Cross-Lines being one of our annual church benevolences, every Christmas Rainbow members donate money, time, and materials to the Cross-Lines Christmas Store. This store, located at 1021 Pacific Ave, Kansas City, KS, gives approximately 500 parents the opportunity to receive new clothing, coats, toys, household items, and groceries. This store wouldn’t exist without the team of dedicated volunteers, including volunteers from Rainbow.

Rainbow is once again responsible for the food section of the store, while other churches are responsible for the toys, household items, and clothing. We anticipate needing $8,000 to purchase the food so please consider helping us meet this goal. You can make checks payable to Rainbow Mennonite Church, designated for Cross-Lines Christmas Store.

This year we also invite everyone to donate mittens, gloves, and hats which we will collect in baskets during the offering this coming Sunday. 

Finally, consider helping to sort items before the store opens or while customers shop the week of December 7. Talk to the Cross-Lines coordinators Annie Jones or Linda Graham for more information.

Speaking of Linda Graham, here is one of the best Cross-Lines stories I’ve heard involving underwear:

From Linda:

It was my favorite Sunday of the fall. The women of the church brought baked goods to sell to raise money. I was looking forward to eating peppernuts. It was also Cross-Lines Sunday. That year our church was assigned to bring underwear for the cause.

I took a seat next to a new member of the choir. I was settling in after getting my choir folder and glanced up to see the Cross-Lines Christmas tree where we all would hang our contributions and said, “Oh Gee!  I forgot my underwear!”

Her eyes got really big before I said, “I mean for the Christmas tree! Then we both dissolved into giggles!”

If anyone forgets their underwear this Sunday, keep it to yourself. And remember, this year we are collecting gloves, mittens, and hats.


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