Lost in the music

It’s that time of year when I hear people either laud or loathe the sounds of Christmas. Some of us can’t imagine life/December without music and others could do without it and actually be happier as a result.

IMG_0588I say this because on Sunday, Rainbow will be alive with the sound of music. Aided by members of the Rainbow choir, a string ensemble, and soloists, we will sing movements from Handel’s oratorio Messiah, including the Hallelujah chorus. Following worship and weather permitting, we will take our singing to the church playground for a 45 minute outdoor Christmas Carol Sing.


I remember the first time I sang Handel’s oratorio Messiah. I felt like the guy on the far left in this picture. I didn’t know where we were half the time. When I was on the right page, I was a few measures behind everyone so I just lip-synced my way through. I still do, although I’ve sung it enough now that I might hit at least 50% of the notes, especially if I sit by someone who can sing (something I plan to do). 


I hope to see some of you on Sunday. And for those who wish for a quieter Christmas, perhaps you’ll enjoy this presentation of the Hallelujah chorus by a group of “silent monks”. 

Special thanks to my musical husband Jesse Graber for creating the above cartoon. Used with permission, although I might owe him.


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