R2D2 comes to Rainbow

I felt strange and perhaps a little mischievous as I opened the church doors for R2D2 late Saturday night. I saw some of our neighbors peeking through their house windows with a shocked and worried look on their face. Perhaps that is why I slept so poorly on Saturday; I worried the reaction during worship would be the same.

R2D2 was to be our surprise Epiphany visitor from a land far, far away, so after giving him a tour of the sanctuary, I tucked him in the Sunflower Room, covered him with some blankets, and bid him goodnight.


He was in fine form when we woke him up on Sunday morning.

IMG_0727Thanks to Marina Kaufman and Phil Rhoads we have a video clip of his Sunday morning appearance. You can watch it by clicking here: R2D2 comes to Rainbow

It’s a rare and beautiful thing to look out and see an entire congregation smiling. And to see the look on the children’s faces was priceless. And Artoo’s message was great too:

Just because you are from a far away land or just because you look or act different or just because you speak a different language doesn’t mean you don’t have gifts.  

We have Kevin Schwarz to thank for R2D2’s appearance at Rainbow. Kevin spent a year and a half building this unit. With a push of a button, his R2 model can make happy sounds, sad sounds, and he can even put together full sentences, which probably made a few hearing assistance devices go baserk on Sunday. Sorry about that.

Kevin’s brother Greg also deserves some credit. In fact this whole idea was his. And so even though I will end this post with a thank you note written by Greg, I first want to say to him:  Thank YOU for making Epiphany Sunday a memorable one. And in case you have in mind that next year we will sing “We Three Droids of Intergalactic Are,” forget about it.

From Greg (pictured below):

I need to take the time to thank my brother Kevin Schwarz for letting me use Kevin’s R2-D2 for the children’s story at church today. I would also like to thank Ruth Harder or letting us bring R2D2 to share with the people of Rainbow Mennonite Church. I am really proud of what my younger brother has accomplished. Thank you for sharing your skills with us buddy.


Gregory Schwarz with the R2D2 unit that his brother Kevin built.

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  1. pip1943 says:

    Actually, Marina Kaufman was at the camera in the balcony. Joel Campbell had the morning off and sat with his parents!

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