Room at the tomb


Photo credit: Jan Buerge

“If it’s ok pastor, I’m going to say Christ is risen indeed with everyone else, but I am going to say it as a question rather than as an answer.”

No problem, I thought. In fact, anyone who hesitates to proclaim Jesus’ resurrection with absolute, unwavering certainty will find good company in the scriptures (and at Rainbow). From the very beginning until now, the rolled away stone has elicited more questions than answers, more doubt than certainty.

There is, I trust, room at the tomb for all of us—questioners, skeptics, believers, followers— as we consider how God might be at work rolling away the various stones that would destroy us.

And so as Easter draws near, my prayer is that we will permit ourselves and one another to explore, imagine, and question. And maybe just maybe in showing up at Easter we will consider together how God might be at work in this world healing, redeeming, and restoring all that is entombed, all that appears dead. And maybe just maybe we will be inspired to carry on this restorative, redeeming, life-giving work.

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2 Responses to Room at the tomb

  1. Jan Good-Bollinger says:

    Another Amen.

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