Place. People. Play.

The place we call Whitmore Playground will be buzzing with people playing on Saturday night, June 3. There will be live music, free food, and activities for all ages. Join us if you can!
Whitmore Jubilee Flyer-01

Here are some frequently asked questions about this event:

What time should we arrive and what can we expect to do, see, hear, and eat when we arrive?  
The event is slated to begin at 5 pm and continue until 8 pm. A free, catered meal will be provided by Two guys and a grill. Live music will be provided by The Good Hearts as well as The Rosedale Jazz Quintet, of which Rainbow trumpeter Aaron Linscheid is a member.

Art activities will include chalk painting, outdoor water color easels, and colored rock patterns. Movement activities will feature walking a temporary labyrinth and an interactive public art project called Unity.  See this video for more information.

Why are we calling it a Jubilee?
Jubilee is a word that can mean celebration or freedom. In Biblical terms it can refer to a cancellation of debt and/or redistribution of land. So why not call this a Jubilee as the common ground we call Whitmore Playground turns 40 years old in June?

Jubilee is also the name of a colorful and energetic children’s book by Tim Ladwig which is a story set in a park. We tried to get Tim here for the celebration, but his work schedule didn’t allow for it. Fortunately Tim sent us this image in case we would ever be inspired to paint this as a mural in the playground.


How much is this costing? Who is paying for all the food, live music, and activities?
This is a free event! Earlier this year we received a Vital Worship Grant from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They provided us “play money” as we spent the year exploring our outdoor spaces in new, hopefully worshipful ways.

Again, we hope you can join us. And bring your friends and neighbors! We’ll have enough food for at least 500 people, or so I am told.

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