Mennos dancing with the stars

I can’t tell if Menno Simons (pictured below) is excited about Monday’s solar eclipse or disappointed in our sketch of him. Or maybe he just doesn’t like our reworking of the hymn “Will you let me be your servant.” Blame my friends, Menno, not me.*

menno eclipse II copy

Will you let me be 3

*Jesse Graber (drawing); Joanna Harader and Maggie Goble (hymn text); Rosi Penner Kaufman (musical score assistance)


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9 Responses to Mennos dancing with the stars

  1. Lewis Overholt says:

    I’ve got a sneaking suspicion Menno was watching the whole heavenly Spectacle from a lot close perspective….. from the top down—not the bottom up —without glasses!
    Lewis Overholt

  2. Jacob Kraybill says:


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  4. Hans Christian Linnartz says:

    Unlike some items in some of songbooks, this fully and accurately scans and rhymes! Good humor is a means of grace.

  5. Rod Houser says:

    This has got to be one of the best Menno spoofs I have ever seen!!

  6. Susanmarklandis says:

    Sure needed this!

  7. Bob Carlson says:

    I trust this will be bulletin insert this Sunday!

  8. June says:

    I enjoyed the song and the drawing. What talent! Thanks for the fun.

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