Sixty years and counting


Bring out the rainbow cake and party bus! We will celebrate our church’s 60th anniversary this coming Sunday, November 19. And in case you are worried, no, we didn’t purchase this LOVE BUS pictured above as an anniversary present. We will, however, have a chance to ride in it this coming Sunday. Our Saviour Lutheran Church on Rainbow Boulevard heard about our anniversary prayer walk plans and offered shuttle services free of charge.

So for those who wish to have an early start to your Sunday, join us for a 40 minute, 2 mile, 4,600 step, 230 calorie burn Rainbow anniversary prayer walk. We will convene at our current church parking lot at 7:45 am SHARP, take a LOVE BUS shuttle to the first church building at 40th and Rainbow and walk the 2.04 miles back. (You can also just meet us at 40th and Rainbow at 8 am if you prefer.)

Rainbow church staff did a practice walk on Tuesday and didn’t even break a sweat.


Notice a plaque is still there that says Kansas City Mennonite Church.

We even got a tour of the church building!


It proves to be a wonderful morning–an anniversary slideshow, a skit written by former Rainbow pastor, Frank Ward, and an anniversary noon potluck. You can read more about our 60 year history here : Rainbow history


In 1957 this building on 40th and Rainbow officially became Kansas City Mennonite Church. The Church moved their worship services to Southwest Boulevard (our current location) in 1969.


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