Up, down, and all around

Every year, the “high lights” of December come in the form of Arlie Regier’s sculpture. The lights are literally high—so high many people have to stand on their tip-toes just to reach the candles. And while I love this sculpture, it’s best that I look away when people light it. I get too nervous. Fire in the sanctuary is not something to take “lightly” after all.  For example: https://overandaroundtherainbow.com/2016/05/11/i-didnt-start-the-fire/

Thankfully I didn’t look away on Christmas Eve. With the bells and words of John 1 still ringing in my ears, and as Christian Buller played the gorgeous tune, “Of the Father’s love begotten,” Lizzie Shelly lit the candles one by one. Except she didn’t light them in any particular order. She went rogue and went from top to bottom, side to top, bottom to side. I loved watching her unpredictable movements and choices—a dance of order and chaos.

Little did Lizzie know that my go-to phrase in 2018 was “Up, down, and all around.” That’s how the year felt—so many joys, sorrows, uncertainties, and provisions. A dance of order and chaos. 

As as I watched Lizzie light these candles in random order, it’s like each candle represented a joy or concern of this past year. And with each candle, I found myself silently repeating the words of John 1: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overtake it.” That is indeed our prayer and hope.  

Below you will find some random Rainbow “high lights” from 2018, preserved in picture form. It’s certainly not complete, but hopefully you too can sense the flickering of good news—that indeed, the light continues to shine……nothing can put it out.   

Here is the highlight reel: rainbow 2018 slideshow


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