Forged anew

This coming Sunday, June 9, we will dedicate a gardening tool (pictured below) for use in our Rainbow garden. It was forged just this past April by RAWtools , using guns donated by Rainbow community members.

Click here to read an article written by one of the gun donors: Dad’s gun

Garden Tool

Etched at the bottom of this tool is the RAWtools logo (see below).

As RAWtools Director Michael Martin writes, “it represents an olive branch, like the dove carried after the flood–a promise of hope as well as a nod to never again.  Its the same shape as the olive branch in our logo inside the anvil. The anvil is the Christ figure for me, the forge is God/Spirit.  I love Pentecost for all of this. The best thing about the fire of the forge is that its not allowed inside- it forces us to go out.”

For these reasons and more, this gardening tool will be present in our Pentecost worship this coming Sunday, June 9. We will place it on the communion table along with this gardening tool blessing lovingly written by Lonnie Buerge:


May it be so.


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1 Response to Forged anew

  1. June says:

    Thank you for this reminder of the spectacular experience we had at Rainbow the night this tool was re-born. The poem by Lonnie is perfect.

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