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We take volunteer leadership and involvement very seriously at Rainbow. Just ask Uncle Gottfried. (For those who haven’t met Uncle Gottfried, he’s a regular around Rainbow. He is much more than a puppet on a string! In German the name Gottfried means “man of peace” or “God’s peace.”

Want to watch more?

You can see Uncle Gottfried interacting with the WorshipArts group at Rainbow by clicking here.

Also here are a few more fun tidbits about Gottfried!

Uncle Gottfried

Mike Horner and his great Onkel Gottfried in eastern Germany. As Mike says, “Gottfried is almost 89 but still rides his bike on the cobblestone streets of his village, Gottesgnaden, to get to his garden and tend to his rabbits. My Oma, Gottfried’s older sister, was a bit taller than he is, but not by much.”



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