Rainbow Radio Hour!

Welcome to Rainbow Radio Hour sponsored by your favorite brand of hand sanitizer.

Missing you all. Now open your Bibles to John chapter 4…..


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7 Responses to Rainbow Radio Hour!

  1. George M Melby says:

    My entry seems to have disappeared. Thank you for your dedication to our church family and yes, you have a totally compassionate voice for radio church! George M.

  2. Ky says:

    Thanks, Ruth. We enjoyed hearing this even when we can’t be together in church. And agree that you have a good “radio voice.” 🙂

  3. Leroy Seat says:

    Thanks, Ruth!

    June and I just got around to listening to the “radio” broadcast, and we enjoyed hearing your sermon that we missed Sunday morning.

    Regarding the “woman at the well,” a few years ago I read the historical novel “Living Water” by Obery Hendricks, an African-American theologian, and I will never think of the woman at the well in the same way again. If you should ever have time to read it, I think you would find it of considerable interest. (You could buy a used hardback copy at Amazon.com for only $5.24.)

    We look forward to the next broadcast–but we hope that we will back to live Sunday morning services before long.

  4. Ashton Wells says:

    Enjoyed this first rendition–thank you for still offering space for reflection and for your leadership to keep Rainbow well!

  5. Sallie S Page-Goertz says:

    Thank you Ruth for your gentle leadership of our Rainbow flock.

  6. Sherie Neufeld says:

    Beautifully done through your message & tone.

  7. Linda Graham says:

    The first Christian radio broadcast I have ever liked! Thanks for the music and message. You have a comforting voice! Peace to all!

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