Prayers for these times

In the trenches

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  1. June says:

    Hi Ruth and Jesse. It was so wonderful you could figure out how to get your messages out to us. What a blessing you are, and what a blessing we can still feel united even in these worrisome times. We are trying to “stay in place” and luckily are close to a good walking park. I planned to keep going to Curves, but we talked with our 4 kids last night they in unison said “Stay home!” We were on Google Hangout. So I exercised with Silver Sneakers on Facebook this morning. Then I walked over to our daughter’s house to feed her dog Jules her supper at 530 as they were out of town. ****Remember when I was accidentally connected with a Rainbow Mennonite Church. that wasn’t us? It was a small church in the mountains of East Tennessee, they finally told me.****It had been on my mind for some time to call and arrange for our gravestones to be erected in a little country church in S. MO where my father and mother, etc are buried. My brother and sister already have theirs up. Today I finally called the monument place. Later I wondered if unconsciously I connected the need to get that done with the Covid-19 deaths we hear about everyday. ****Well, I meant to just thank you for the services but kept going. Love, juneZ

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