Looking for the pineapple (kingdom of God) among us

pineappleMy good friend, Lisa, got us hooked on the television show, Pysch. One of the many, cool features of this show is that a pineapple appears in every episode. Sometimes I spot it, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, I look for it every time and it is rewarding when I see it, especially if I’m first to see it.

That is why I bought this lovely pineapple light. It sits on my desk reminding me to look for God’s love surrounding us every day, and in every moment. Even if we can’t always see it, it’s there…somewhere. It’s also a reminder of all the times Jesus had to remind his disciples to keep looking for the kingdom of God already here, among us. God’s love is sometimes hard to see, and sometimes it’s not as big and showy as we may want it to be. It is still here, among us, nonetheless.

On-going challenge for me: To use this blog as a way of looking for and witnessing to the many pineapples among us–those things that might seem hidden or ordinary, but that reflect God’s light. And if you spot these pineapples first, please do share!



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