It takes a village (puppets help, too) to tell the Christmas story

photo copy 2

Yup, that’s me holding baby doll Jesus

My mom was often in charge of putting together the church Christmas programs when I was growing up. That means I’ve been in TONS of nativity productions, playing the part of Mary, Joseph (I had short hair most of my childhood), an angel, a shepherd, even a lamb down on all fours.  At times it was fun, other times it was HUGELY embarrassing.

My mom, like Rosi Penner Kaufman (music director at Rainbow), made it a point to include as many people as possible in these projects and performances. After all, to get into the Christmas story, you need people to get into costume and character! (I WOULD NOT HAVE SAID THAT 25 YEARS AGO!)

I have never been to a Rainbow Christmas program. I hear that it is always great fun, creative and not at all embarrassing for ANYONE 🙂

So I hope that we ALL come out for what is sure to be an entertaining and worship-full night this coming Sunday, December 15, at 6:30 pm.

photo(2)Oh, and here are just a few of our  cast members/storytellers. They have all learned their lines. Now they just hope a large crowd shows up!

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