Going and coming home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJesse and I traveled to Newton, KS, for Thanksgiving. We took a road into North Newton that had us go by Bethel College Mennonite Church (where I used to be associate pastor) and our old home (pictured here). I was surprised by the tears that started streaming down my face. It’s strange to be so involved in a community, so at home in a place, and then suddenly be gone.

During the 24 hours we were in Newton, I was sure I’d run into folks we knew. And I was afraid the tears would start again. One day we were walking downtown and sure enough, we did run into people we knew. However, the people we ran into were John, Heather, Justin and Addison Zerger, and they are from Rainbow!

photo copy 3Three weeks later, I was driving up to our new home  in Kansas City and what should I see as I pulled into our lane? Our house lit up with beautiful lights. I didn’t expect this. So again, with the tears. This time they were tears of joy and happiness that Jesse and I are slowly making a new home together, with new friends and with another beautiful church community.

Final note to those from Bethel College Mennonite who might be checking up on me through this blog: Please know that the shells you gave me on my last Sunday with you are always near at hand, reminding me of the years we walked with God together.

And this pile of cards that you gifted me with keep a smile on my face. As the card on the top says, “I shore do thank ya’all.” Oh, and to my former colleagues at BCMC, I still sometimes try and log on to my office computer using BCMC login and password information:(

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