Happy New Year (again)

???????????????????????????????We, the staff at Rainbow, wish everyone a happy 2014! We look forward to another year of working together toward our mission: To maintain a fellowship of believers who will strengthen and express our faith by corporate worship, study, and teaching of the Gospel, and who will seek to serve the spiritual and material needs of this and the larger community.

And here are the much-awaited answers to the staff quiz posted earlier.

1. Has gone sky diving-Ruth

2. Has won a game show-Rachel

3. Has a family member who dated Brad Pitt-Ashton (she’s also the one who put together that crazy staff Elf video.)

4. Has won multiple pool tournaments-Jim

5. Has watched Sound of Music in Basel, Switzerland-Rosi

And just for fun, here is one more picture of Rosi. Jesus has his eyes (and hand!) on her. It outta be a great year!


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