Epiphany with Darin and Erica Penner

photoOn Epiphany (January 5), the church celebrates new beginnings, revelation, light, wisdom, and the gifts brought my magi.

At Rainbow, Epiphany meant hearing Darin and Erica Penner reflect on new beginnings.  Their reflection was a beautiful weaving together of tears, laughter, anguish, intellect, vulnerability, gifts, questions, and the search for answers, hope and love. They had the courage to reveal to us their own road with Jesus, a road that has included many bumps, uncertainties, some anguish and lots of love.

I know many people probably made a good decision and stayed out of the ice, snow and cold on Sunday.  And to the many of you who came, I hope you didn’t have trouble.  For those who didn’t come, I’m posting Darin and Erica’s reflection here, with their permission. If you would like for us to send you a link to a video of the service, please send an email to Ashton Wells, office manager.

Darin’s reflection

Erica’s reflection

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