Getting a Head Start

rainbowroomRecently my husband was standing in line for potluck and noticed that there was a whole area of the church he had never seen before. “What’s the Rainbow Room?,” he asked. headstartroomI explained that Head Start met there during the school year and that Freedom School uses the space in the summer.

Jesse’s question made me wonder how many other people at Rainbow know or don’t know about this space on the east side lower level. I also wondered how many people realize that every morning when I get to church the first thing I see is a line of cars/parents who are dropping off their children, sometimes as early as 7:30 am. The children (20 or so) stay as late as 4:00 pm. signThat is, until recently. Their year just ended last week Thursday.

1444 Southwest Boulevard has long been a location for Head Start, starting first with the Rosedale United Methodist’s commitment to educational opportunities for children.

I don’t have much interaction with the children and teachers of Head Start. However, in April I gave the children and teachers a tour of the church building. My two favorite parts were leading them in singing in the balcony of the sanctuary (they seemed in awe of the stained glass windows) and showing them some things in my office. I gave them all pipe cleaners to put on their wrists and then I snapped this photo:

headstartWe have decided to make use of this space for children’s Sunday school during the month of June. Hopefully learning will continue to take place in this beautiful space for all kinds of people this summer, making it a true Rainbow Room!





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