Welcoming Renee Reimer

Renee ReimerThe time is almost here for Renee Reimer to move to Kansas City and begin as the new Rainbow Youth Program Director. A group from Rainbow consisting of some youth, youth sponsors and youth support board members will meet her at her new apartment on Friday the 6th in order to help her unload.  On Sunday the 8th we will welcome her in worship.

Thanks to the hard work of trustees, staff as well as a generous donation of office furniture by Marjorie Jantz, we have an office ready on the 2nd floor next to the junior high and senior high classrooms. Take a look!

This coming Sunday Natasha VanDyke will have a giant poster for everyone to sign welcoming Renee. Please find it in the fellowship hall. Natasha has also invited junior and senior high youth to fill out individual profiles to help Renee get to know them. She would like this to be given to her no later than June 7. If you have questions, contact Natasha. And here is a link to another post about Renee in case you didn’t see it earlier.


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