Was the retreat a hoot?! You tell me!

Our 2014  church retreat began on Saturday September 20. As we registered our retreat leaders Paul Rudy and Lana Maree asked us to write down our favorite sound.

I saw people write the following: Trains (close and far away, mainly far away), water/rain/thunder/streams/waterfalls, birds, laughter, various instruments (cello and violin), tuning, basketballs dribbling, silence, etc.

Later in the day we reflected on the sounds we associate with Rainbow: organ, a cappella singing, How can I help you? (the sound of empathy), Coffee filling a mug (the sound of hospitality), coffee grinding (sounds like a squirrel in the kitchen), doors opening and closing (sound of activity, energy moving, maintenance, people coming AND people leaving), conversation, the organ breathing, the pews breathing, hotdogs grilling, children, red tail hawks (often perching in park tree), the Sunday school bell, the sound of collaboration.

Speaking of sounds and collaboration, we (mainly the younger participants) composed a song (see below)! Special credit to Madeline Bollinger, Emma Campbell and Abigail Grittman for writing the verses.


Here are some music-playing photos:

And here are some photos of adults doing what adults do!

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And here we are all together.


We ate and played outside and yes, basketball was played (not in my office of course)

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Our 2014 retreat was funded in large part by the Vital Worship Grant we received from the Calvin Institute of Christian worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan,with funds provided by Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Photo credits: Bill Hess of Alistair Photography


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1 Response to Was the retreat a hoot?! You tell me!

  1. Paul Rudy says:

    Yes, it was hootalicious!

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