Measuring our stride as Christians

Terry, Rosi, Renee, Ashton, Gatspy (Ashton’s puppy), and I spent our Tuesday staff meeting  buzzing around and “measuring our stride” in Whitmore Playground. This was Ashton’s last staff meeting as Church Administrator, so we thought it would be fun to do something out of the ordinary. And since we have been hearing a lot about the beatitudes the last two Sundays at Rainbow, we thought it would be fun to walk “The Be Trail” in Whitmore Playground. I highly recommend trying this compass course, especially with people who are good at following (and knowing their) directions.

“The Be Trail” was designed in 1993 by David Kaufman, with sculpture and design help from Arlie Regier. This Boy Scout project was intended to be a compass course designed, in David’s words, “to gives kids something to do and at the same time teaches them directions and how to measure their stride.” The course is called the “Be Trail” and uses the theme of a bumble bee. Throughout the park there are twelve stainless steel plates. Each plate gives the direction needed to locate the next plate and includes one of the scout laws (be trustworthy, be loyal, be helpful, be friendly, be courteous, be kind, obedient, be cheerful, be thrifty, be brave, be clean, and be reverent).

At the start of the trail there is a sculpture of a bumble bee made by Arlie Regier. In front of the sculpture is a round piece of stainless steel on the ground that tells the walker to check his/her directions and stride. It also tells the direction and how far it is to the first metal plate.

Perhaps one of these days we’ll create a devotional guide to go along with the walk. What sort of compass course does Jesus provide us? How do Jesus’ teachings impact the measure and quality of our stride/walk? What questions or reflections do we have about being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent?


We all have a chance to learn more about Whitmore Playground this coming Sunday. Plan to stay for playground pictures and storytelling in the Sanctuary following worship.

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  1. Leroy Seat says:

    Wow, I didn’t know all that was in Whitmore Park!

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