A church that composts together re-members together

It was all about compost this morning at Rainbow. Special thanks to Sallie Page-Goertz and Madeline Bollinger for composting our prayer bowl prayers this morning as the children watched intently.

And special thanks to Kimberly Hunter and Bob Campbell for their beautiful Lenten reflections on compost and on being rooted and grounded.

Reflection by Kimberly: April.2_Rainbow_Matthew.Compost

Reflection by Bob: Volunteers

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has donated their “waste” to make our Rainbow compost pile the beautiful masterpiece that it is! As Kimberly and Bob urged us, let’s keep learning together about humus, humility, humor, and what it means to be human made in the image of God. And let’s watch and wait for God through nature to teach us about resilience, resurrection, and re-membering.


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